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--------------------- Game Features ---------------------【Free to Play】All modes are free to play!Continue playing for free by obtaining the necessary MG for matches via the daily login and other bonuses!If you are short of MG, you can also purchase it to play in a match.
【Officially recognized by the Japan Professional Mahjong League】Take on numerous professional NPCs in this game, including the "omniscient one of the Mah-jong world," Mister Mah-jong Takeo Kojima and the Nikaido Sisters!
【Newly equipped! 一局戦 focussed on a quality hand.】"Mah-jong is not simply winning!"Proposed by 9th 段 and chairman of the Japan Professional Mahjong League, Shigekazu Moriyama, the game is equipped with hand focused 一局 Mah-jong! Win with a hand of 3,000 points or more!
【Game Modes】Online competitions with players across the country!Hotly contested matches unfold!全国オンライン対戦 東風全国オンライン対戦 半荘全国オンライン対戦 三麻全国オンライン対戦 一局Special 黄龍 table for matches amongst masters of the game! Battle to become the best!
※Dealing of tiles and wall formations occur randomly during the games of MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB Sp, with absolutely no intentional operations.
【Official 段位 System】Fight for orbs using your Mah-jong abilities! Earn your 段位 through the orbs!※一局戦 for a winning star.
【Graphics/BGM】High resolution for beautiful graphics!BGM adjusts to heighten the energy of matches!
【Lightening Effect】Feel the lightening bolt impact through vibrations!胡 are expressed with the sound, light, and vibration of lightening!Experience the thrill of an exhilarating win!
【Ranking】Grand total 黄龍 orb ranking included!Fight for a high ranking!
【Detailed Results Data】Past game data is divided for each mode and saved! Improve your game skills through detailed analysis! View the effectiveness of your own game tactics!
【Convenient Functions】・Easy to tap 吃, 碰, 槓, and 胡 buttons・Shining Dora animations・Automatic 胡 button for not missing winning tiles・鳴無 button to keep your hands more discreet・長考 button for contemplating decisions・System to match players with similar skill levels・Daily login bonusesand many more convenient features!
--------------------- Environment ---------------------Regular connection to the server occurs during the progression of a game, so please enjoy the game in a connection friendly environment.When connection to the server is lost, please be aware that there is a chance for save data to become corrupted. Please note that we cannot recover save data.
--------------------- Compatible Devices ---------------------